Tait radio users have tough jobs. Police, Fire, Emergency services, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Utility workers face challenging conditions every day. They need communications equipment that is totally reliable. That's why Tait engineered the TP9400 P25 radio and the TP9300 DMR radio to be two of the toughest, mission critical grade portables ever made.

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Tait Tough Videos

Fire, water, tanks, drones and whatever else we could throw at it, even ice cream! Press the play button below and sit back and watch the Tait portable being put through its paces.

Tait Radios - Designed to be tough

Our compact P25 and DMR radios have been tested and proven to survive, with no damage, even under the harshest standards. Here are a few of the tests we run:

MIL-STD-810G specification test

We drop them from 6 feet onto concrete – That's 50% higher than the MIL-STD-810G specification test. We drop each radio dozens of times from different angles, ensuring the durability of everything from the battery and antenna fittings to the internal componentry and the LCD screen.

IP67 Water and dust protection

IP67 Water and dust protection - Proven to survive with no leaks under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Once again, Tait goes even further by testing our radios at twice the depth and for longer time intervals.

Designed to be tough

Every component is selected and tested so the radio can endure harder knocks and more extreme temperatures. The radios are assembled and tested in our own factory, delivering maximum quality where it matters most.

Client Testimonials

Why do clients love Tait products? Read what a few of our clients have to say.

"We needed rugged radios, any police officer knows that your radio gets knocked over all the time. It can fly off your belt when you are running in pursuit, it can fall off your desk and on the ground, incidents like that, happen all the time. Tait radios proved tough." Frank Kiernan,
Director of Emergency Communications
City of Meriden, CT, USA

"In emergency situations the Tait portable base station/ repeater is a logical choice. The base station is light, robust and water resistant, and the internal batteries make it a self-contained unit. The Tait terminals also stood up well to use in a very demanding environment, and the power save function in the Tait portables maximized shift life for the batteries." William Burton,
Mobile & Marine Systems

"We selected Tait digital P25 technology due to its exceptional audio quality and ability to eliminate background sound in noisy environments. Furthermore the fact that Tait P25 radios are extremely robust and come as intrinsically safe meant they are ideal for the Petrobras working environment." Luiz Poleto,
TGD Teleglobal

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